Youth Gift Card Fundraiser


Please support the Youth of Peace by shopping with gift cards from our fundraiser.  Simply click on the image link below and enroll with this code: 511BEAFB59L94.

shopwithscrip.png (750x161)

Once enrolled with our fundraiser, you may purchase plastic and electronic gift cards for many major retailers and the youth will recieve around 5-10% of the gift card value.  Simply purchase cards, do your regular shopping, and the youth make money!  


You can even buy gift cards on your phone and use them instantly!

All you have to do is sign up for PrestoPay which links your SCRIP account with your bank account.  Simply log into your ShopWithScrip account, click on the PrestoPay link under Family Functions on your Dashboard, and enter your checking account information. Complete the steps to verify your information, and you will receive a secure approval code to share with your scrip coordinator. That’s it! You will then be able to choose the PrestoPay option when you check out on, and have your payment securely transferred from your checking account right to our organization. A small $0.15 convenience fee will apply to each order.


Then you can shop on the go with our gift cards by using


Thank you for helping to raise funds for our youth ministries!!!