Deacon Dan Jacob is our new Youth Ministries Leader. Here's a brief bio from Deacon Dan.

I am very excited to be sharing in the ministry of Jesus with you all at Peace!  But before we jump into all the service, and worship, and learning, and crazy fun that God has planned for us, I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself.  My formal title is Deacon Dan Jacob but I liked to be called Dan.  As a deacon I am commissioned to ministries of word and service for the ELCA and this means that I do all kinds of stuff.  Art, play, justice, and Jesus are my greatest passions.  From serving on my church's youth board in high school, to working as a camp counselor, to leading campus ministry in college, to studying hard in seminary, I have had plenty of opportunities to turn those passions into ministry.  And I am very excited to help the youth of Peace turn their passions into ministry!  

I look forward to getting to know you better as you learn more about me, but here are a few factoids to get the ball rolling:  I'm a cat person and have two at home; my favorite sport is soccer; I'm a major nerd; in my free time I build and paddle kayaks and paddle boards; I love The Lion King; and I have never in my life successfully snapped my fingers.  Maybe you can prepare a few factoids of your own for when we meet.  Youth ministry is living ministry.  It's not about forcing youth to become something but about helping youth discover who God has made them and developing those gifts and passions into a unique disciple of Jesus.  We will share in this process together as a community of faith, so I hope that you use the time to get to know me as an opportunity to get to know each other a bit more too.

In God's Peace,

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Dan (your new Youth Leader!)