The Board of Fellowship recognizes that Christian fellowship is one of the key marks of a healthy Christian community. The primary mission of the Board of Fellowship is to provide and promote efforts that strengthen the relationships between the members of the congregation.

Throughout the year, we host several events that bring members together such as:

  ♦ Tables of Fellowship which encourages Peace members, new and old, to have dinner with each other.

   ♦ The Summer Picnic and Christmas Party for the entire congregation to attend.

  ♦ New member receptions and special receptions for members of Peace.

  ♦ Coffee hour between worship services on Sunday morning.

  ♦ Encourage small fellowship groups to plan and promote activities that are open to the entire faith community.

  ♦ Provide brunches throughout the year for special events such as the New Years and Easter holidays.

  ♦ Support the young adults fellowship group within the congregation.

  ♦ Lenten Soup Lunches schedule that provides soup lunches during the Lenten season.

  ♦ Maintain existing fellowship groups such as the Koinonia,  Peacemakers, and Senior Luncheon groups.

  ♦ Assist other boards and groups through the planning of events which foster fellowship and that involve the use of the kitchen.

  ♦ Purchase new kitchen supplies, equipment, and maintain and clean the kitchen infrastructure.