The 2020 Peace Lutheran VBS is online!

This year's VBS program is an interactive website that families are be able to enjoy together at home.  There are daily art projects, science experiments, games, songs, a whodunnit episode, and most importantly a Bible story and service project. 

The learning guides were written by Deacon Dan and there are lots of great demo videos courtesy of our own Fix, Hovland/Mtui, McQuade, and Pochet families.  There are also special guest voice-actors for the Bible character videos including Bishop Suzanne Dillahunt and Rachel Kurtz!


Here is the site (click or tap on the graphic):

mystery-museum-logo.png (750x459)

Come with us to the Mystery Museum where we'll investigate The Case of the Vanishing Portraits and answer the question "Blessed Are Who?" with the help of Jesus' beatitudes. We'll get to know the amazing Esther, Mary Magdalene, Deborah, Tabitha, and Miriam as we discover how amazing we can be with God too.

mm-portraits.png (750x195)


Theme Song