We welcome all to worship at Peace

Saturday - 5:15 PM  and Sunday 10:15 AM in Picnic Shelter. Broadcast in parking lot on 107.5 FM.

Sunday - 8:15 AM in Fellowship Hall.

Masks or Face Shields required.


There will be no Faith Formation Education Classes


♦  A nursery is temporarily not available for our services.

♦  We observe Open Communion. We invite all to come forward for communion. Children who have not had first communion instruction are invited forward to receive a blessing. If you wish to have Communion brought to you, let one of the Ushers know.

♦  Our Ushers and Welcome Center people would love to answer any of your questions and are here to serve.

♦  We have gluten-free wafers available for those with a gluten-free diet. Let the pastor or communion assistant know your desire for a gluten-free wafer and they will honor your request. 

♦  Grape juice is available as well. Let the pastor or communion assistant know.

   The playground is closed until further notice.