At Home Resources for Families

So now that you are home, what are you up to this week?

Need some options of things to do?

Need help with talking to your kids about the Coronavirus?


For Moms (and Dads)

1)      An excellent daily Bible Study from the Women of the ELCA.  Click Here


Heroes of Scripture and Screen

These are simple Bible Studies that you're encouraged to share together after a family movie night.  The Bible Study has five simple questions based upon the movie and a Bible character who shares some simularities with a hero from the movie.  On Saturdays at 4pm we have an online discussion of the movie and the Bible Study.  Here's the schedule:

October 2020

Mulan (Oct. 17)          The Wizard of Oz (Oct. 24)         Hocus Pocus (Oct. 31)

November 2020

Shrek (Nov. 7)         Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark (Nov. 14)         Greatest Showman (Nov. 21)


Bible Study and Activities for your family

1)      Here is a short bible reading program for March and April to keep you engaged as continue to head through Lent on our way to Easter.  Click Here

2)      Here are 5 Bible Stories that help to highlight how God shows up and is working in our lives in the midst of chaos.  Each Bible story comes with a week’s work of activities (everything from coloring pages to cooking and crafts) and ways to make faith connections as you engage with and explore the story. Don’t forget to pray with your children as you end your Bible study/activity time.

Daniel and the Lions          Joseph and His Brothers          Jesus Feeds 5000

Jesus Walks on Water          The Prodigal Son

 3)      You can also learn the Lord's Prayer in American Sign Language.  This is a great activity for calming kid's down while using both mind and body.  Clike Here

4)      Printable activities and resources from a Lutheran children's books publisher.  Click Here

5)      Here's worship activity sheet for kids.  Click Here

6)      Sunday school lessons for the whole family including videos, activities and coloring, released weekly.  Click Here



Godly Play

 Faces of Easter     Watch @      

Click Here for Faces of Easter Coloring

 The Good Shephard     Watch @

 Click Here for Good Shepherd Images

 The Mystery of Easter     Watch @

 Can you make your own Puzzle Cross to go with the video?

  Godly Play Resources – On Sale


Other Lenten/Easter Cross Resources


Other Things to Know About Being at Home  

1)     Make rules and boundaries for those in the house.

  1. Do you have a Household Plan, Neighbors, Local Aid/Emergency Numbers, etc.?
  2. Check out for more information. 

2)      All people like to know a schedule and boundaries. Make a plan to help keep organized based on those in your household.

3)      Covid-19 Daily Schedule.  Click Here

4)      Helpful information to talk with kids about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 

  2. Daniel Tiger: How to Talk to Kids About Corona Virus:

5)      Carolina Conquers Her Corona Fears - an activity and coloring booklet released by a clinical counselor.  Click Here

6)      NASA's activity webpage.  Click Here 


Mental Health Concerns

1)      Managing Coronavirus Anxiety - Ours and Our Kids

2)      (From Southern Ohio SynodSurviving the COVID-19 pandemic with your mental health intact. Click Here

3)      (From Southern Ohio SynodAssessing mental health for depression and suicidality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click Here


Other fun activities to engage your family during this time

1)      30 day Lego Challenge – Make sure to post a picture of your challenge creation on Facebook page Peace Lutheran Church.  Click Here

2)      The schools sent out a great activity list so you don’t end up on the IPad, Chromebook, or TV all day.  Click Here

3)      Here is a giant list of thing to do at home.  Click Here

4)      Scholastic Learn-At-Home link

5)      Also, did you see that Actor Josh Gad Is Reading Books to Kids Online Every Night During Coronavirus Quarantines. Grab the tissues! Josh Gad has decided to read children’s books to families around the world via his Twitter page each night while either under quarantine or practicing social distancing during the outbreak of coronavirus. For more information go to

6)      Every day at 3pm the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is doing a live stream home safari 15 min encounter with a different animal on their Facebook page.

7)      The Georgia Aquarium has livestreams of many aquatic creatures.  Click Here

8)      52 Creative Activities from Crayola  Click Here