Martin Luther wrote extensively during his life. He made one of the first translations of the Bible into German. This translation, by the way, helped lay the groundwork for a uniform set of rules of grammar for the German language. It was written when there was a large demand for German language literature which helped spread its popularity.

Luther also wrote close to forty hymns. Perhaps the most famous is "A Mighty Fortress is our God", aka "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott". Many of Luther's hymns were used by Johann Sebastian Bach and other composers as the basis for many of their works.

Luther's written works have been combined into at least three editions. One is The Erlangen Edition (Erlangener Ausgabe), comprising the Exegetica opera latina – his Latin exegetical works. Another is the Weimar Edition (Weimarer Ausgabe) an exhaustive, standard German edition of Luther's Latin and German works. And lastly, there is The American Edition (Luther's Works). This last one currently comprises 55 volumes and is expected to have 75 volumes when complete.

Here are four of Luther's most prominent works:

Babylonian Captivity

Bondage of the Will

Concerning Christian Liberty

The Large Catechism


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