Cheer Challenge

Members of Peace Lutheran Church are being challenged to cheer for our youth at there many awesome activities.  If you are looking for an event to cheer at, take a look at the calendar below.  If you would like to add an event or series of events that where a youth could be cheered for, please use the updater below.


Cheer Challenge Calendar Updater

Click or tap on the Cheer Challenge logo below to fill out a super simple form with information about an upcoming event or several events for your youth.  You can also add directly to the calendar by clicking the + in the bottom right corner.  

cheer-challenge-logo.png (360x216)


Cheer Challenge Calendar

Also feel free to add directly to the calendar by clicking or tapping the + in the bottom right corner.  Remember to include the name of the youth and description of the activity as well as a date, time, and location.